Monday, October 5, 2009

Change in Circumstance

The job I wanted was perfect. It was closer to home, less commute. The hours were stable, Monday through Friday, no weekends, no holidays. I accepted the job. I had to work 45 days in my old job before I could move to the new job (all within the same company).

While that was happening, I attended a workshop on romance writing, and found out more about Romance Writers of America and the local chapter. Within a week of changing jobs, I joined RWA and my local chapter.

Talk about an eye opener. A professional organization for romance writers. I attended my first meeting of my local RWA chapter. Talk about a great group of women, they welcomed me with open arms and started my education not only of the business of writing, but the craft of writing.

And I had a lot to learn.

Continuing the journey next Monday

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