Monday, October 19, 2009

Life Gets In the Way

Everything wasn't rosy during these long years. I wrote in starts and stops when work and life got in the way. There were job changes and days when I got home from work totally exhausted and unable to think of a turning on my computer to write.

Luckily I had writing friends, who kept encouraging me and talking with me. My writing had slowed down, but never really stopped completely. I might have to take a week or two off, but I always went back after that. And I kept getting rejections.

It was frustrating at times. I couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn't hitting the mark. I'd been in several critique groups, all of which had disbanded by this time. I was writing without anyone to read my work. All my writing friends had critique groups and most of them met at times I couldn't.

Then a friend and previous member of my critique group called me to tell me she sold her book. I was so thrilled for her, and she really wanted to get back together in a critique group. So we started our own little group.

My productivity improved as did my writing. While my critique partner and I were not always writing the same types of books, we both understand the others genre and worked well together.

More contests, more submitting to agents and editors. More rejections, but what can be called in the business, good rejections. Then my critique partner became pregnant. I knew this would change things, eighteen months after she gave birth to twins, I was without a critique group. I understood her need to be a full time mother.

Continuing the journey next Monday

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Nona Sebastian said...

Interesting journey. Looking forward to reading more.