Monday, November 9, 2009

Improving, but not quite there

Selling a romance novel was getting tougher. I heard this from everyone. I let it bypass me, I kept writing. I'll admit I was writing slower than every, but I kept telling myself at least one page a day. I didn't always make it, but I tried.

I'd taken on-line classes, met lots of people at conferences, and dealt with my day job. Things were going along good, while I was still getting rejections and I knew there was still an element missing to my writing I hadn't pinpointed yet.

Then life interfered again. My father's health was failing and I put writing on hold for six months until he passed away, then another four months after that while I helped my mother not only deal with the passing of her husband, but getting her financials in order and the house in order.

Reading romance was my escape during this time. And I knew I wanted to give other women this same escape when their lives became difficult.

After attending the RWA conference that year and talking with an editor, I finished up that book and sent it to her. Then I started on the next one. I also started sending my erotic romance to contest, wanting feedback.

The next year was my transition year as I called it. Recovering from the passing of my father, but also knowing that my writing was moving faster than every before.

Continuing the journey next Monday

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