Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Coming Closer

In the mean time, my critique group had finished reading the Harlequin novel. I started to revise it, and get it ready to send to the editor.

The day job was creating problems, so things didn't move as fast as I wanted, but it was getting better. I finished the revisions, and all I had left to do was the synopsis. I hate writing synopsis.

I put the Harlequin book aside and realized I hadn't heard from The Wild Rose Press. I knew that was unusual based on talking to other authors on author loops, so I sent an email to follow up.

I pulled out the erotic romance novella I sent the query and synopsis on to The Wild Rose Press and realized that I really needed another read through to catch typos and such.

That meant I really needed to put my butt in the chair and write. I started editing the novella, but in the back of my mind I had put a deadline on getting the Harlequin book out the door.

So I took a Sunday afternoon and wrote the synopsis to the Harlequin book, my critique group read it, revised it. Then mailed it off and went back to the novella.

Then I received an email asking me for the full manuscript of the erotic romance novella. I tried not to panic; I still had some editing to do. I finished the edits and sent it off the editor.

I kept busy, I had already written the first draft of another erotic romance novella, and I needed to start plotting out another Harlequin book.

Continuing the journey next Monday

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