Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Learning

My book releases on Friday, and I'm still learning.

Since I accepted the contract with The Wild Rose Press I've grown as a writer and learned much more about the business of writing.

Writing is a business. Publishers are there to make money, and while a lot of people would like to believe writing is just a creative outlet, it is so much more. You have to remember the business side of it.

Many artists - and writers are artists with words - have trouble separating the business side from the creative side. Luckily I'm not one of those people. I have the ability to keep the business totally separate from the creative.

I keep records to prove I am in the writing business. I log my hours, my mileage, my expenses, and my income. I also record where my time is going, so I can find ways to make myself more productive.

Even with that in mind, nothing stops me from writing a story I want to write. I don't stop to think if it will sell or not, or is this character too over the top. I just write.

I do have an idea of my target market when I start a boo, be it a series romance reader, or a contemporary erotic romance, or even a paranormal erotic romance. And to some extent I do write the book to that market. I usually let the book tell itself, sometimes it doesn't fit the market I thought it would, I shrug my shoulders and go on.

In order to improve and understand my writing, I need to write. Writing is a learning process all it's own. The more I write the more I learn. It's a journey that is never ending.

I'm posting a special blog on Friday in celebration of my release day.


Cari Quinn said...

Happy release week, Marie! Can't wait to read In Plain Sight. :)

Marie Tuhart said...

Thanks so much, Cari.