Monday, March 29, 2010

Post Delayed Today

I'm late today.

The last week has been a trial in computer problems. Last Sunday I upgraded my browser when it asked me to, in doing that I lost all Java functions.

I thought this should be easy to fix. Nope.

I spent 3 hours Sunday, 4 hours Monday, 2 hours Tuesday and 2 hours Wednesday night, installing/uninstalling trying to back out of the changes I made on Sunday. Nothing worked. So yesterday I paid Java to fix my issue.

And they did. Within 45 minutes, my Java was fixed, I could get back into my games and most of all the chat with The Wild Rose Press authors.

Learned my lesson, never update the browser until you know what its going to do next.

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Sybir St. John said...

OMG, I updated Firefox on the Windows 7 box I have FIVE navigation tool bars...I shut it down and went back the Mac.