Monday, April 26, 2010

Middle Of The Book

This can sometimes be called the sagging middle, I just call it the middle.

The middle of the book can be difficult for a writer.

I found myself in the middle of my manuscript where the characters are starting to discover each other and some of the early minor conflicts have been resolved, but now what?

I realized as the writer I needed to ratchet up the main conflict between the characters, this is where the internal conflict, which keeps the two from confessing their love at this moment and living the happily ever after in the middle of the book.

Internal conflict is not easy to write, I struggle with it each day. Yet, I know I have internal conflict in my life almost daily, it's how I solve that internal conflict that helps me apply it to my writing.

In the middle of the book, I gently remind my characters why they can't be together, why they have an internal conflict with the other character, and all the reason's why they're not suited for each other.

The middle is now taken care of, because my characters are now fighting against falling in love because of these internal conflicts. But of course they will over come these conflicts and be happy together. After all I write romance.

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