Monday, October 11, 2010

Laurie Schnebly Campbell – Emerald City Writers Conference

I've know Laurie for several years, not only from taking her classes on-line, but from being her driver to my local RWA chapter meetings where she's spoken.

Laurie is fun to be around and a wonderful teacher. I always learn something from her, and I know my writing and life is richer from knowing her.

It's all part of writing, to be able to network with people, but sometimes we click with a special person or two who really helps us see where we can improve our writing and our lives.

I'm so lucky to have Laurie as my friend. Her workshop at the conference His Personality Ladder was great. Laurie does this class on-line, but I love having a refresher, it helped remind me that my hero has to have his journey during the book as well, it's how he grows and changes.

Sometimes as writers we only concentrate on one character.

If you're interest in finding out more about Laurie's Classes you can visit her website here or sign up for her class announcement list here

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