Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to Rachel Leigh

Today I have a guest blogger Rachel Leigh, she will tell us a bit about herself and talk about her current book:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am married with two young daughters and live in the UK. I have been writing stories since I was a child but only seriously pursued published success when my youngest daughter started school five years ago.

I started out writing mainstream romance but ventured into the erotic side of things about a year ago. This is my first novella length story but I have had many erotic short stories published in UK magazines and online.

What do like the most and the least about writing?:

Most like - the editing once I've got the first draft down and receiving book covers!

Least like - the creation, believe it or not! If it's going well, it's great. If not? Yuk! But writing for me is a compulsion so I have no choice but to keep creating, whatever kind of day I'm having!

Give us a peek into your latest published work? (this can be an excerpt or blurb):

Here's the Blurb for my latest release from The Wild Rose Press, "Explicitly English"

Laura Markham needs to forget - just for awhile. Be someone else for change - live as her parents will never have the chance to. And for Laura, that means leaving the City for the English countryside and doing just what the hell she feels like…wherever she feels like doing it…

British stockbroker, Stephen Cambridge knows by going home to his country retreat two days early, he's likely to surprise his contracted interior designer. And when he finds out she's the woman who performed the solo masturbation show for him on the inward bound journey, Stephen will do anything to further convince her to miss outward bound train and stay with him forever…

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?:

I have my second novella under consideration as we speak - it is set in England with a British hero and heroine who are re-united as several years apart. Despite their differences, their fire is too hot to extinguish…

Is there anything you want to tell readers:

I LOVE hearing from readers and I also host guest erotic romance authors every Tuesday and Thursday so please come by and join in the fun - I'd love to hear from you!

Buy Link for Explicitly English click here

Excerpt from my latest release, "Explicitly English"

She smiled. He lowered his paper, smiled back. And her stomach immediately executed a strange loop the loop. Maybe she should have a little fun on the way to the meeting. Let him catch a cheeky eyeful of her pussy, while appearing oblivious to the fact that her skirt had crawled way up past thigh level. She squirmed deliciously in her seat and turned her suddenly hot cheek to the cold pane of the window.

Her naughty and impossibly dirty conscience sat on her right shoulder, while her good, ambitious, and hardworking conscience teetered precariously on her left. Laura abruptly flicked her off with a mental tip of her head. If she’d learned nothing else since her parents’ death, she’d learned about living for the here and now.

Barely suppressing her grin, Laura shimmed forward and shrugged provocatively out of her jacket. She stole a surreptitious glance to the side. His gaze was locked on her breasts—his semi-erect cock pressed against the crotch of his trousers. A clear go-ahead in anyone’s book.

Tipping her head back, Laura scored her fingers through her hair and shook it out as she attempted to regulate her quickened breathing and aching clit. Who was she to keep from the guy what he so clearly wanted? If nothing else, she had to know if he had the guts to see this impromptu voyeur session through. She squeezed her thighs together against the pulsing at her center.

Flicking out her tongue, Laura slowly wet her bottom lip.

His gaze followed the gesture and he shifted back in his seat. A dart of excitement shot through her abdomen. What’s the matter sweetheart? Your trousers a little tight?

Thank you for being my guest today Rachel.


Marie Tuhart said...

Good morning, Rachel. I'm glad to have you visiting today.

Sloane Taylor said...

HOLY CATS, RACHAEL! You DO write hot and I like it. Explicitly English is my kind of read and will be my personal Christmas treat to me.:)

Marie Tuhart said...

Hey Sloane,

Thanks for stopping by.

Bianca Swan said...

Whew! Hot indeed but delightfully sensual. Way to go Rachel. I need to buzz on out to TWRP. Later.

Rachel Leigh - Erotic Romance said...

Wow, thank you for your kind comments Sloane & Bianca, enjoy! If we can't have a little erotic indulgence from time to time, life isn't worth living, LOL!

Thanks so much for having me here to visit, Marie! Can I ask, did Angela do your covers too? Love them!

Rachel x

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Rachel,
Ooh now that was a hot excerpt, scorching infact. I never meet anyone like that on a train.