Monday, January 24, 2011

How is the New Year Treating You?

So, how is the New Year treating you?

For me I’ve been busy. With the cover of Quick Silver Ranch: Roped And Ready, I’m now getting all the promotional material together and setting up guest blogging, and all the other things that go with promotion.

At the same time I’m doing edits on Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up and working on my new 3 book series, and received by my last WIP (work in progress) from my critique group. Plus working the day job.

What’s also amazing is tomorrow I will have 29 years on the day job. That means 1 more year before I can officially retire from the corporate rat race and write full time.

I know the year will go fast and that’s fine with me. But I have to make sure to keep my writing moving forward and getting books out there.


Reina said...

Amazing you've done all that at once!I look forward to reading Roped and Ready... :)

Marie Tuhart said...

Thanks, Reina. Watch my blog in Feb. for fun stuff around the release of Roped and Ready.