Monday, April 11, 2011

Jenna Howard's Scoring Lacey

Today I'm featuring Jenna Howard and her book Scoring Lacey

Lacey Magerin never expected her husband of twenty years to leave her for a twenty-two year old. She never expected her fifteen-year-old daughter to blame her for the divorce. Lacey also never expected Shayne Donnelly. The NHL goalie is her brother’s best friend and is ten years younger than her. Neither of them know the rules in this new game but that’s not stopping either of them from playing or finding love in the least likely place – on home ice.


Lacey’s heart galloped in her chest as he approached. He crouched down and brushed his fingers over her ankles. She gripped his shoulder as she shifted her balance. He gazed up at her as he palmed one stiletto off then set her foot down. Hands caressed slowly up her leg, moved to the other then stroked down. She lifted her left foot and the shoes were history.

He moved to his knees, his face level with her stomach as he idly ran his fingers up and down her legs.

“Why am I nervous?”

He slid his hands up under the jacket, caressed her ass then down to her ankles. Up and down, slow, measured strokes. “Because everything changes now. Now we’re two people. A man wanting a woman, a woman wanting a man. The minute I slide into your body, I become your lover, not your kid brother’s friend.” His fingers curled and he drew her panties down, his fingers still managing to caress her. He had calluses from the game and they rasped over her skin with a sensual texture. She lifted one foot then the other. “It all changes now, Lacey,” he said and lowered his mouth to her.

She cried out, dropping her hands to clutch his head as his tongue licked over her. He licked slowly, indulging himself. “Shayne.” She gripped him as the tip of his tongue slipped between the damp folds and sought out her clit. “Shayne!” Her knees buckled and he moved her to the bed.

She sank onto her back as he spread her legs wide, opening her up and making room for those shoulders of his.

“Pretty pussy,” he said before he lowered his head and pressed an open mouth kiss over her. She cried out, arching up as he proceeded to feast on her. He sucked, he licked, and he slid his tongue into her. She bowed, screaming when he bit her clit.

Holy God. What was he doing?

He bit her thigh, caressed her leg then returned to the promise he had made earlier. He dined on her pussy. Lips, tongue, teeth. They were everywhere. Her eyes snapped open she felt his tongue slowly circle lower. Never, ever, ever.

“When I said I was going to fuck you everywhere, Lace?” A finger replaced his tongue. “I meant it. Even here.”

God, she thought as his mouth returned to her pussy, tongue boldly thrusting as his finger lightly brushed over the soft skin at her ass. “Shayne!” His fingertip eased in and she felt his mouth move as cream spilled from her. The minute stretching was as disconcerting as him putting his finger there. Never, ever, ever, she thought, has anyone done this. His hand caressed down her leg then he lifted her foot to his shoulder.

A soft kiss was pressed at the curve of her knee and then he lifted her leg over his head, rolling her onto her stomach. “This ass,” he said with a little awe, his hands pushing up the jacket. “This luscious ass.”

Lying on her stomach, she propped herself up on her elbows and gazed at the man staring at her ass like it was the most amazing thing he had seen. Kevin had called it her bubble butt, had made her work the stairmaster in an attempt to deflate it. Hadn’t worked. Her ass was her ass. “Luscious?”

“Plump and ripe.” He met her gaze as he bit one cheek hard. She gasped, her back arching at the sensation. His eyes gleamed as he reached up and tugged on the back of his jacket. She sank down and let him strip it away. She rose once more, needing to see him.

“Fuck, Lace.” He caressed up her legs, over her bum, up her back then down. When he stood up, he lifted her legs, scooting her forward to rest her knees on the bed. The joys of strength. “Sweet God,” he whispered as his hand glided over her ass then down to her pussy.

She sank down, shuddering out a sigh as he caressed her with one hand. His other hand was coasting over her ass. His eyebrows rose and fell right before he delivered a loud, hard slap to a cheek. She cried out at the sensation, her hands fisting on the sheets. Holy hell, what was the man doing to her?

She felt herself spill over his fingers from the spank. He grabbed her and tossed her easily so she was on her back. She bounced twice before he was lying on her, his mouth claiming hers.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him close while her hands discovered how wide his shoulders were. “Naked, Shayne. Get naked. I want to see you.” He rose up on his knees and she watched in delighted horror as he grabbed the front of his silk shirt and ripped it open. God, he was hard everywhere. Muscles carved his flesh, dark hair covered his chest before disappearing behind his cummerbund. She scrambled onto her knees, her hands exploring all that tanned skin. He struggled out of the ruined shirt that looked like it cost the same as one of Kayla’s courses.

Had she ever been this hungry for a man?

Considering her sexual experience was the sum total of Kevin until tonight, the answer was an easy no.


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