Monday, October 10, 2011

The Book That Almost Wasn't

Last week I talked about how I got my idea of Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready.

This week I want to talk about Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up the book that almost wasn't.

I mentioned my original title was Quick Silver Ranch, well after my editor wanted to go to contract for the book, they asked that I change the title. I really liked my title, but came up with alternatives including Roped & Ready and sent them off to my editor.

It was a Friday evening, I was checking my email and had an email from my editor. After talking with the senior editor, if I was willing to write Jared and Angie's book we could go ahead and make it a 2 book series with Quick Silver Ranch in the title.

I sat there staring at the email and sent off an email saying "of course, I'll write it." My head hit the desk. I wasn't planning on writing Jared and Angie's story at least not now. I had no plot, no conflict, I didn't even know who these characters were. After a call to one of my critique partners, she met me for lunch

We did some brainstorming and the next day I started writing. Four days later I had 14,000 words, all of which I had to toss out. Because when I got to the 14,000 word mark I realized Jared was more complex than I realized. So I tossed out those words and started all over again.

I will say, I was pleased with the results. 6 weeks later I had a rough draft of Saddle Up, sent it to my editor who read it gave me some corrections, I did those corrections and sent it back and Saddle Up sold.

I had a blast writing these two book and look forward to writing more book that readers love.

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