Monday, November 7, 2011

Cowboy Spanking

Did that get your attention?

I’ve started my new WIP and I’m having a little trouble so I figured I’d come to my blog readers for help.

This is the first committed ménage book I’ve written, while I’ve written menage’s before this is the first one where all three will be a committed threesome.

My two hero’s who of course are both dominate, Ry is my Sheriff and Jed is my Rancher/Cowboy. Now these two play off each other really well, but what I discovered in talking to my characters. Yes, I talk to them but that’s a different story. Jed likes to be spanked, he gets off on it.

Would it turn you off as a reader to have one of the hero’s like to be spanked, and want to be spanked by the heroine?

I’m walking a fine line here and I want everyone’s opinion on how they would feel about this. I want to know if you’d read it or not.

I’m looking forward to your answers on my new WIP.

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