Monday, February 13, 2012


Well another week has gone by.  I'm making slow progress with my writing.

I'm on the 2nd round of galleys for His for The Weekend, so I should have a release date within the next few weeks to share with everyone.

I've been working on Theirs Forever, this book is stretching my limits as a writer.  It's my first committed menage book.

Ry and Jed have waited 7 years for Katie to come home, now that she has they are going to keep her there, by any means.

My two hero's are very alpha and very dominate, they are a little out of control right now, but I'm letting them tell me what they want.  I'll tone them down when I start the 2nd draft of the book, but on the first draft I let them have their way.

I want every to have a great week.

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Niina C said...

Theirs Forever sound great, hope to read it one day as I have a thing for alpha males. ;)