Monday, March 12, 2012

Music and the Muse

Sorry to have missed last week, somehow Monday passed without me realizing it.
I've found a interesting pattern with my writing lately.  Many months ago I lost my local country music station and I don't have another one to listen to.  Then my niece mentioned to me to use Pandora.
I downloaded it to my cell phone and I'm very happy.  I usually only listen to it at work, but recently I acquired an iPod and I downloaded Pandora to i and started listen.
When I worked on my next book which has a sheriff and a cowboy in it, I listen to the country music.  But when I'm writing a short story about a wedding, then I want to listen to more easy listening music (ballads).
Then I remembered back when I was in college I would always study with music on, usually to instrumentals, but I still had music playing.
There's is something to say to having music on while writing or studying, it opens up my mind and allows me to learn or write much easier. 
So I’m starting an experiment this month, when I sit down to write, I’m putting on music to see if I write more than without.
So what about you, when is your favorite time to listen to music?  Is there a time where music helps you accomplish things?

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