Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Author: Olivia Ventura

Please welcome Olivia Ventura to my blog.

Happy to have you here Olivia to talk about your newest release.

Not always Happily Ever After

Did anyone else watch season one of Once Upon a Time and think, huh? Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoyed it, and will probably watch season two. But confusion set in pretty early. Spoilers to follow...

My dilemma? The purpose of the show seems to be for Emma to break the curse, allowing everyone to return to fairytale land. The question I ask is: why would they want to?

Think of it this way. In fairytale land:

Cinderella's husband disappears

Jiminy Cricket turns an innocent couple into puppets and becomes a cricket

The Huntsman becomes a slave to the Evil Queen's whims (although on Earth, he dies, so it's really a lose/lose for him)

Hansel and Gretel are separated from their father, destined to roam the woods forever

Red Riding Hood eats her boyfriend (and not in a good way)

Why would any of these characters want to go back?

Funnily enough, some of these not-so-happy endings are actually based on the original fairy-tales, which were meant to be cautionary stories for children, i.e. Hansel and Gretel was supposed to keep the kids from wandering in the woods alone.

In Catch a Shooting Star, my latest release, Jess tells children's stories. She makes up her own, and I can guarantee that none of them end badly. The shame of it is, you can't earn a good living that way...

Social misfit Jessamy James pays the bills with a cleaning job so she can do what she really loves: tell stories to children. She meets NFL superstar Nathan Powell when she cleans his house. He’s intrigued by her reclusive attitude, and she’s drawn to his open personality and lack of defensive walls. It doesn’t take long for attraction to set in, and for a relationship to blossom.

When Nathan is accused of dealing drugs, Jess is caught up in the media storm and finds her own vocation slipping through her fingers. They struggle together to clear his name and rescue both their careers.

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Thanks for joining us today, Olivia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting me, Marie!

Marie Tuhart said...

Great to have you here today, Olivia.

Isabel said...

Hi Olivia!

My husband is such a fan of the Once Upon a Time series. I don't watch TV that much, but I love fairy tales. :)

I've been on the hunt for a romance featuring an athlete hero. This is right up my alley. :)

COngrats on the your new book!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Isabel!

Havan said...

I don't really watch tv much - just a few shows, but my sis is addicted to this one. But I have a fairy tale ending could mean many different