Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Monday

It's Monday and I'm running late today.

I want to say it's because of the NFL playoff games yesterday.  I love football and the games were good yesterday.  The Forty-Niners/Falcon's game was a nail biter.  The New England/Raven's game was fun to watch, but not so much a nail biter.

My family and I were rooting for the Forty-Niner's and the Raven's.  We decided to call the Super Bowl the Harbaugh Bowl.  Because of Jim and John Harbaugh.  Jim coaches the Forty-Niners and John the Ravens.

I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl even though it means the end of football season for me.

Is there a sport you love?

Have a fantastic week.


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Isabel said...

Hi Marie!

San Francisco is the place to be in 2013! Home of the World Champions San Francisco Giants and the Superbowl-bound NFC Champions 49ers!

There will be agony at my house, lots of nail biting, the only saving Grace is New England's out so the Mister's loyalties won't be divided. *Grin*

I survived the SF Giants' magical season. Those comeback-back-from-dead games leading to the World Series were ulcer-worthy. I think I'm ready for the Super Harbaugh Bowl.

This will be an epic one.