Monday, February 11, 2013

Snippet from Work in Progress

I thought I'd try something different and give you a snippet from my current work in progress.

            His kiss would be the death of her.
            "Oh, darling," his breath, hot and moist against her ear.
            "Yes, honey." She rubbed her body against his. She was giving the performance of her life. Her hands tightened on his broad shoulders, his soft hair just brushing her skin.  She nibbled at his ear.
            "Bedroom?" His voice was tight.
            Reaching down, she slipped her fingers between his hard stomach and jeans, then pulled him by his belt buckle.  She kept the barest of distance between their bodies while walking backwards.  The bedroom lay at the end of the hallway.
            Once inside, their legs tangled and they fell upon the blue satin quilt.  His hard erection pressing into her softness.  The bed quivered.
            "Oh, baby."  His fingers began unbuttoning her blouse.
            A crack and a snap filled the air, then there was air between her and the mattress.  She didn't even have time to let out a scream as the bed collapsed beneath them.

How is that for the beginning?  Can you guess what happens next?
Have a great week.

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