Monday, February 25, 2013

Where does time go?

The days are passing faster than I can count.

This last week has been a world wind of getting things done, just not writing things.  With the holiday last Monday (President's day) it threw my week totally off.  Then on Sunday, my sister reminded me that the first of March is this Friday and here I thought I had another whole week in February yet.

The life of a writer isn't always about writing.  I'd like it to be, but life does get in the way.  This last week is an example.

There are things like: grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, bills, balancing check books, runs to the bank, run to UPS to overnight paperwork, phone calls, cleaning out e-mail boxes, taking the dog to the groomer, training the dog (although I think she's training me), errands, lunch out with family and then there is preparing dinner every night and the clean up.

Oh and I forgot to add exercise.

In the next week, my life should calm down considerably.  A lot of last week was dealing with the sale of property, having the check finally arrive, and needing to get it invested where it would keep making some money and trying to minimize tax implications.

But it was also doing some necessary other things that I'd put off.

I honestly work at putting my writing first, but it doesn't always work for me.  I'm a work in progress, just like my books.

Have a great week.



Isabel said...

You and me both! *Sobs*
But today is Monday, we get a chance to plan and get things accomplished.

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