Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year and Goals

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone  had a great New Year and partied like there was no tomorrow : )

As the new year dawns, I look back on the previous year and look at was accomplished on my goal list.

Every year I write goals for the year, as they are related to my writing business, then put them away only to pull them out at the end of that year.

For 2013 out of 27 goals, I accomplished 17 of them so that wasn't bad.  Then I realized there were 8 more goals I had completed that were not on the list.

I feel really good about what I accomplished in 2013.  It was a transition year for me, with moving to Washington State, getting settled in a brand new home, dealing with family and just the ups and downs of life.

I've already written my goals for 2014 and there are a lot of them, but I'm determined to make this my best year yet.

Have a great week.

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