Monday, January 26, 2015

Excerpt: Red Club Temptation

Red Club Temptation release this Friday 1/30 and I'm so excited.

Last year (2014) shortly after my mother had passed away, I had scheduled a trip to San Francisco Bay Area to attend a writing workshop but to also have a retreat with my critique group.  While at the retreat, I read about the Lobster Cove series of books my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, and I wanted to see if I could come up with a story that would fit.

So my critique group and I started talking about it.  Within a few hours, I had a basic plot and synopsis.  And so did one of my critique partners.  We kept refining and then together we sent in our synopsis to see if we could get a spot in the series.

We both did.  That was one of the really fun things about the Lobster Cove series, it covers all the lines the Wild Rose Press has.  So from contemporary, to suspense, to the erotic.  We all had a shot.  And because me and one of my critique partners got in on it at the beginning we were able to help shape the town and be part of the brainstorming for the town.

Here's an excerpt from Red Club Temptation:

Time to find out if she was a Domme or sub. This time when their gazes met and held, he mouthed the word “Obey.” Her gaze dropped. He sucked in a breath. Damn, she was a submissive. And just what he needed. He couldn’t help himself as he strode across the room.

Caleb stopped when he was within touching distance, and her gaze never rose from the floor.  Excitement stirred in his spine for the first time in a long time.

“Hello,” he said.

 "Good evening, Sir.” Her voice was soft but calm, eyes still downcast.

He cupped her chin and tilted her head up. “Look at me, sweetheart, I want to see your eyes.”

Hazel eyes to go with beautiful red hair. He loved looking into the eyes of his subs, unless of  course he had them blindfolded, and then he would 7 make them use other senses.

“Are you available?” He glanced at her wrist. No band. He’d been told anyone with a black band was off limits.

“Excuse me?” a male voice intruded.

Caleb’s gaze left her to see one of the dungeon masters standing next to them. “You’re needed in the other room, Red.”

Her spine stiffened, and she lifted her chin out of Caleb’s hold. “Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be right there.”

Ryan nodded and gave Caleb the once over 18 before disappearing into the private club area.

“Sorry, but I have to go.”

“I understand, but first.” He cupped her cheeks and brushed a kiss across her soft lips. She leaned into him when he released her mouth. “I’ll be here if you want to play later.” He released her and stepped back.

Her fingers touched her lips and then she smiled. “I might take you up on that.” Then she strode away hips swaying.

Caleb and Jessie are reunited old friends who now can pursue their passions together.

And if you want to read more in the Lobster Cove series you can go here to see all the books.

By the way, my critique partners book is Love Caters All, check it out.

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