Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - My Sexy Girlfriend

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This weeks theme is: My Sexy Girlfriend

This one wasn't easy for me.  In More Than One Night, Beth is out with her girl friends and her girl friends are trying to get her to loosen up and have a wild fling for one night.  This is right after the hero walks into the bar and her friends are all hot and bothered. Here's 7 paragraphs.

     Time to remember Beth’s Rules for Dating. One: No thinking about men. Two: No thinking about men. Three through ten: No thinking about men.

     Although this man did tempt her to do more than think, he tempted her to stare and touch.

     “I do believe the temperature in here went up,” said Karen.

     “If I wasn’t engaged, I’d love to get a piece of that man,” commented Carla.

      “Well, I’m not engaged or otherwise,” said Theresa.

       Mine. The word popped into Beth’s head, but thankfully she kept from saying it out loud. Her gaze stayed on the hunk. What was it about him? Other men were as handsome, but it was something more. Something raw, elemental, that called to the woman in her.

       A waitress sashayed up to his table, flirted with him while taking his order. But his features never changed, it was as if he didn’t notice her flirting. The waitress flounced away.

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