Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - Talk Sexy to Me

This is the 108th week of My Sexy Saturday.

I had a hard time picking for this week. I chose 7 paragraphs this week.  Just to give you the readers some background.  Caleb and Jessie have know each other since high school.  Jessie runs the only BDSM club in the Maine town of Lobster Cove.  Caleb has returned to Lobster Cove to work for Jessie in the capacity of a dungeon monitor.  He visited the club before his job interview and the two of them had an encounter.  She didn't know who he was at their first encounter at the club.  Now he's working there and he sees his chance to make his move and have her know who he is.

     “Looking for me?” he whispered in her ear at the same time his hands came to her shoulders. She jumped but didn’t pull away.  “Look at the scene,” he ordered as she began to turn her head to look at him. He wanted her attention on the scene where the Domme was flogging her sub, and to keep the mystery for a little while longer.

     “You came back.” Her voice was soft.

      “Yes.” He let his nails trace the column of her neck and was rewarded when she shivered. “We didn’t get to finish the other night. Are you available?”

     “I am.” She stretched her neck. “Just not now. Later, after the crowd is gone.”

      “Are you sure about this?”

       She nodded.

       “Then look at me.” He turned her around. Her breasts strained against the dark red corset when she took a deep breath and tilted her head back.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of the book.

If you're interested you can find Red Club Temptation here.

Until next week - have a fantastic time.


Lynn Crain said...

Very nice snippet. I love that they had an encounter before they were employer and employee. Makes for interesting sexy talk. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.

Tena Stetler said...

Nice interview! Good luck, Star, with your new release, the other side. I can't wait to read it!

Marie, your books look intriguing. Put a couple on my read list.