Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Sexy Boy - Marie Tuhart

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday # 110.

This week’s theme: One Sexy Boy

We all know it just takes one sexy boy to get us going. That boy will turn into the man of our dreams. They can start out on the wrong side of the tracks, the right side of the tracks, the rich side or even the poor side. They can be good or they can be bad, we will love them all the same.

Each Saturday we pick 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs to share around the theme.

This week I picked 7 sentences. 

This is a scene from my first book In Plain Sight – this is right after Joe and Vicki have their first encounter in the elevator.  Joe has a reputation for being a bad boy, but he’s really not that bad.  Or is he?
        Vicki did that to him. Made him hot and hard.
She’d done it from the first time he’d seen her on the
seventeenth floor, blond hair tight against her head,
only a little make up, and the loose, drab suit, all
intended to disguise her sexuality.
        He wasn't fazed by it. He looked beneath the
surface right away and he knew he wanted her. He’d
fantasized about all the ways he’d have her. On the
desk, the floor, tied up on his bed, against the
wall…the list grew bigger and bigger. 


Oh, Joe can be such a bad boy.  Hope you enjoyed today's Sexy Saturday.  To check out more Sexy Saturday blogs click here.

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