Monday, September 7, 2015

Where did the Summer go

I can’t believe it’s September.  Wasn’t it just June yesterday?

That’s really how I feel.  I’ve been busy but I seriously wondered what happened to the summer.  I had to look back at my calendar to see what I’d been doing that the time had passed so quickly and realized I was doing a lot of writing.

I’d written a short novella, edited it and sent it in to my editor.  And then I was knee deep into edits on another book, then planning for it’\s release and doing all the marketing/promotion stuff that goes with in.  And planned out another book and started writing it.

Then there was family events and the normal day to day stuff I have to take care of and wham it’s September.

They say as you get older time passes more quickly, I think it’s because we’re so busy we don’t realize how quickly time is passing. 

Have a great Labor Day and a fantastic week.

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