Saturday, November 21, 2015

Imagine Sexy - My Sexy Saturday - Marie Tuhart

It’s another My Sexy Saturday.  This week’s theme is: Imagine Sexy

Anything can be sexy, a touch, a kiss or even a smoldering look from your special partner.  I decided to use a scene from my latest released Bound & Teased.
Katie has just returned to her home town and back to the two men who she never forgot.  I hope you like it.

            “Welcome home.” Jed’s breath skimmed her neck before his lips touched her skin.
            “It’s been too damn long.” Ry didn’t hesitate, his mouth closing over hers.
            Her heart pounded as Ry’s mouth devoured hers. Jed nipped at her skin with little bites where her neck and shoulder met and she let out a gasp, allowing Ry to slide his tongue past her lips.
            Two sets of hands roamed over her body. Ry cupped her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. Jed teased the underside of her breasts, making her nipples pebble while he pressed his equally hard erection against her ass.
            “My turn.” The words barely registered before Ry released her lips. Strong fingers cupped her chin, her head turned, and Jed took her mouth. His lips were softer, but his kiss was as hard and demanding as Ry’s, but less urgent.
            Two men, two different kisses. Her brain grappled with the way they tasted. Each different. Ry, metal and coffee, Jed, mint and the outdoors. Oh, God. They tasted the same as they had when she was eighteen.

            Her body was melting between them. She curled one arm around Jed’s neck, and the other hand began caressing Ry’s chest. Her helplessness to resist these two men was starting again. And did she care? At the moment, no, but she’d come home knowing they weren’t going to play it safe, not this time.

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F. Leonora Solomon said...

this is very sexy, and suits the theme perfectly!

Victoria Adams said...

I suspect things are only going to get hotter and hotter :-)

Rayne Forrest said...

Nice snippet! Well done.