Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Sexy Galaxy - Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's My Sexy Saturday

I hope everyone is enjoying My Sexy Saturday, I know I'm having fun finding things to post.

This week's theme is: My Sexy Galaxy.

What I decided to do is 7 paragraphs from a paranormal erotic romance I started to write a while back.  I hope you enjoy.

Just to give you some back ground, the hero's Trent and Ryder (this is a menage book MFM) have come to earth looking for a special crystal that was taken from their planet.  Alyssa is my heroine, she is an artist.  They are all at the gallery where Alyssa's best friend works.  Trent and Ryder have just walked into the gallery and saw Alyssa.

             Trent?  Ryder used his mind link to speak with his brother. 
            I see it too.
            How is this possible?  Ryder was trying to cope with the sensory overload.  Sight and smell all hit his senses and went straight to his cock.  The way her brown hair framed her oval face, the blueness of her eyes, the colors swirling around her entire body.  He could smell the perfume of the alyssum flower of their home world.  How was this possible?  She was an earthling.
            Possible or not, said Trent, She is our bonding mate.
            Ryder’s cock pulsed at his brother’s words.  Bonding mate.  How long to the portal?
            Five Earth hours.

            We have to get her alone.  Now.

That's it for today.  I hope you've enjoy it.  And don't forget to click on My Sexy Saturday at the top and go read the other entries for today.

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