Monday, March 14, 2016

Is it Spring Yet? by Marie Tuhart

Since it's the middle of March I was hoping to have a little spring already, but alas no, mother nature has other plans for me.

Here in Western Washington we've had an unusual wet winter, way above normal.  Usually by March it's tapering off, the storms are gone and we start to feel like there's more to the day than worrying about rain.

Not this year, we've had some powerful rain and wind storms come though in the last couple of weeks creating havoc.  I lost power one day, which is rare for me, luckily only for a little over an hour.  But others were out for a lot longer, some for days.

There are trees down in lots of areas, some falling not so much from the wind, but the rain.  The ground is so saturated the trees are just giving way.

We're expecting one more wind/rain storm this week, and I'm hoping it isn't too bad or it passes us by.

Even though the tree outside my office has buds, and the cherry trees have blossomed.  It's not quite spring yet.

Have a great week.

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Cara Bristol said...

I grew up in Southern California and thus believed that spring was always warm and sunny. THEN I moved to the Pacific Northwest and discovered that was not the case. Wet. Cloudy. Chilly. Now I live in Missouri, where I'll gladly take the summer humidity for year-round sunshine. Spring here is the best time of the year.