Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our Night of Sexy by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

This week's theme: Our Sexy Night

It was very hard to only do 7 paragraphs.  This week is from my book Bound and Teased.  Just some background, this a ménage book.  Ry and Jed (hero's) have taken Katie (heroine) to a very special place for dinner.  The restaurant caters to those in the BDSM lifestyle.
            The music restarted up, and people started filling the dance floor. “Let’s dance.” Ry slid out of the booth.
            “Sounds good to me,” Jed said, also sliding out, and they both held their hands out to her.
            With a small sigh, she maneuvered her way out of the booth, placing her hands in theirs. They brought her to her feet. Jed released her hand as Ry led her out to the dance floor with Jed bringing up the rear.
            Then Ry twirled her into his arms. “Put your hands on my shoulders,” he said.
            When she did, Jed stepped up behind her and put his hands on her hips. Together, they started swaying to the music.
            From the occasional shiver that coursed through her body, Ry guessed the nipple shields and clit teaser were doing their job. Catching Jed’s gaze, Ry gave a little nod, and Jed grinned at him.
            “You fit so well in our arms,” Ry said as Jed’s palms inched down and Ry slipped his hands up to her neck.

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Angelica Dawson said...

Hot. I love a girl between her men. Thanks for sharing.