Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Sexy Vacation - by Marie Tuhart @mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday.

This week's theme: Our Sexy Vacation

I really hope every is enjoy my contributions to My Sexy Saturday.  It's always fun for me to find something to share. 

This is from a work on progress called: Dom's the Silver Screen: Adam.  Adam and       Nicki have just checked into a nice looking B&B after being caught making out on the side of the highway by a police officer.  This is after they've made it to their room.

            Nicki was on her side, leaning on one elbow, like some erotic painting.  "I told you not to move."  He dropped several toys, a pair of safety scissors, and condoms on the nightstand.  He kept the rope in his hands.

            The raw silk was soft against his skin, but it was also very strong.  He knelt on the mattress and Nicki rolled onto her back.  Thank goodness, the bed was on an old fashion frame complete with a spindled headboard.  He pulled on the wood and grinned.  Good heavy wood.

            "You've been a bad girl," he whispered.

            "You like bad girls." Nicki let out a small giggle.  A tell-tale flush of excitement made her skin rosy. Satisfaction hit Adam low in the gut at making his wife all hot and bothered.

            "Yes, I do." He slid the rope through his fingers, halving it, and then twisted the rope.  Within minutes, he had the rope around her wrists, and across around her palm.  "Not too tight."

            "No, it's perfect." Nicki squirmed on the bed as he did the same with her other hand, before raising them above her head and tying them off to the headboard.


I hope you've enjoyed this week's My Sexy Saturday.  Don't forget to check out all the other my sexy bloggers this week.


Naomi Shaw said...

You've got me longing to know what happens next in this sexy encounter. Fab excerpt

Angelica Dawson said...

Hot tease! I'm sure she'll be naughty in future too!