Saturday, April 23, 2016

That Sexy Moment by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

Welcome to another week of My Sexy Saturday

This weeks theme: That Sexy Moment

I choose these 7 paragraphs from my book Bound & Teased. To me it really shows the spark between the characters.  I hope you enjoy.

            Ry and Jed sauntered through the door and over to her. Her breath caught in her throat. Ry was still taller than Jed, and had filled out in the past years. His features were more serious than she remembered. His dark hair and dark gray eyes, but there was something else, something... Oh hell, he was the cop who had pulled her over yesterday.
            Jed. She turned her attention to him. He was still taller than her, by a couple of inches, his skin tan from the sun with laugh lines around his deep blue eyes. His light raven hair brushed his collar. He’d filled out over the years, but he still had a smaller frame than Ry.
            Little sparks of nervous energy caused her hands to twitch. She shifted from one foot to the other. No time like the present. She would have to deal with them on a daily basis.
            “Hi, guys,” she said, smiling at their reflections in the glass as her stomach clenched.
            “Katie.” Ry’s deep voice sent a shiver of awareness up her spine.
            “Kitty Kat.” Jed’s soft as butter voice caused her heart to speed up.

            Closing her eyes again, Katie took a deep breath before turning and bumping into a hard chest. Lifting her lashes, she gazed into Ry’s deep gray eyes. His firm hands framed her waist, pulling her away from the sink until Jed was able to step behind her.

That's it for me for this week.  Have a fantastic day.

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