Monday, June 6, 2016

What I'm Up To - by Marie Tuhart

All I can say is that I've been very busy.

May was a busy month, I've been trying to finish up the book I affectionately call: the book that will never end.  This is my Real Men Wear Kilts book.  I had only planned the book to run about 30,000 words, maybe at the max. 35,000 words.  It's currently over 38,000 words and I'm still not done.  But it will get done shortly.

I also signed a 2 book contract for Doms of the Silver Screen.  I don't have a release date for these yet, as my editor and I are just starting edits, but I will keep you updated.

May was also filled with family events, which I enjoy but do take time away from writing.

June should be a more at home month for me, so I will be writing a lot and getting things done.

Have a great week.

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