Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Claimed by the Sheikh by Marie Tuhart #free #eroticromance

My short story Claimed by the Sheikh is free on Amazon 8/9 through 8/11

 #free #eroticromance #shortstory


Translator Sara Delaney is on her way to Russia when her plane is diverted to London. After a disappointing love affair with a sexy and powerful man she’s looking forward to some downtime.  She’s pleasantly surprised when a driver delivers her to a penthouse room in a luxury hotel. Aching with sorrow over the way the man she enjoyed in so many ways disappointed her by not being the take-charge dominant male she needed in the bedroom, she collapses on the sumptuous bed only to wake to find him in her suite.

Sheikh Kasim Harram, leader of a small middle-eastern kingdom, is not used to a woman thwarting his advances. He’d expected the love affair with Sara, the woman of his dreams, to blossom, but she said a final farewell in Hong Kong. He doesn’t know why. After all, he always treated her with the utmost respect, withholding his more wild appetites. When her plane makes an unscheduled layover in London, where he happens to be on business, it seems the fates have conspired to give him another chance at seduction. With nothing more to lose perhaps the time has come to show her his real nature, but will it backfire causing him to lose her forever?

When does a layover in Heathrow airport turn into a weekend of pleasure...and maybe forever? When you're claimed by the sheikh.

"Hello, little one."
Son of a turkey biscuit. "Kasim?" She fumbled for the lamp. The light snapped on, and she blinked. No imagination here. "You scared the crap out of me." Her heart pounded in her chest, now not from fear but from apprehension. How the hell did he get here? Last time she heard he’d gone back home. The more important question was why would he be here? She ignored the way her heart pounded and her clit pulsed at the sight of him. They were done.
"Yes, it is I." He leaned forward in the chair near the bed. His dark hair was tousled, but he still had that calm, cool, collected aura about him. The perfect gentleman.
"Why are you here?" She scrambled to think, sleep still clogging her brain.
"To see you, of course." His deep, husky voice sent shivers of awareness through her veins.

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