Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Sexy Adventure by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday.

This week's theme:  My Sexy Adventure

This is 7 paragraphs from a story I'm revising.  Joe, my hero, has Vicki, my heroine, out on the balcony in New Orleans during a business reception.  And the two get up to a little mischief.

    “You’re so damn responsive. All I can think about is fucking you. I don’t care where we are. You spread out on the floor, against the wall while I impale you on my cock. Outside in the burning New Orleans sun riding in one of the horse drawn carriages as I use my fingers on you. In the shower with me directing water against your clit, making you come harder. On the kitchen table, with you spread out on your stomach as I fuck you from behind. Tied up on my bed, begging for my touch as I tease you with a feather.”

He sucked in a breath when her lips touched his neck, and then she licked his skin. “I want those things too,” she whispered. “I want all of them. I want to be your love slave.”

If he wasn’t hard before, now he was like steel. He nuzzled her hair while she teased his skin with kisses and licks. He knew they couldn’t walk out of the party after only being there an hour.

Flexing his fingers inside her, he felt her tighten around the digits as her hips thrust forward. “Just think, tonight I’m going to take you back to our room.” He worked her hair out of the way until his lips were right next to her ear. “First I’ll strip this dress off, and since you’re not wearing a bra, I’ll draw your nipples deep into my mouth, sucking them until they become taut and almost painful.”

Her palms slid down his back, her nails scraping against the fabric of his jacket.

“Then I’ll unhook your garter belt and roll the nylons down your legs. I’ll rip the thong from your body before lifting you onto the mattress.”

Joe drew in a deep breath when her fingers curved around his ass, then moved back up to his waist.

 I hope you've enjoyed this week's My Sexy Saturday.  Don't forget to check  out all the other my sexy bloggers this week.

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