Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Sexy Dreamer by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday. 

This week’s theme is My Sexy Dreamer. Know that guy or girl with big dreams? The one yous always oo'd and ah'd over. Yeah...that one..find the one were' talking about. 

This is 7 paragraphs from my book Melt My Heart, who can resist a hero who rescues a dog. Gabriel is in Lexi's vet office after she's looked over the little puppy Gabriel found at his construction site.

          “Hey, boy,” he said, rubbing the top of the dog’s head. The puppy made a noise then wiggled in Lexi’s hold. She handed him over to Gabriel. The puppy snuggled right into his arms, his little head resting trustingly on Gabriel’s chest, staring up at him. “Can I take him home?”

          “You’re going to keep him?” Her mouth fell open.

          “Why does that surprise you?”

          Lexi shook her head. “I just didn’t expect you to want to keep him.”

          “He needs a home.” Gabriel looked down at the puppy. “And who could resist eyes like that?” He scratched the puppy’s head once again.

          She laughed. “He should be fine. He’s hydrated, been given medication and a couple of vaccinations. He’s about three months old.”

          “Okay. What do you say, Zeus? Are you ready to blow this place?” The dog let out a muted bark, and they both laughed.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's My Sexy Saturday.  Don't forget to check  out all the other my sexy bloggers this week.


Liv Rancourt said...

He rescues a puppy!!!

Angelica Dawson said...

Who can say no to a puppy? <3

KC Kendricks said...

I'm a sucker for a puppy in a story. Good job!