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New Release: Michael book 1 in Doms of the Silver Screen by Marie Tuhart

I have a new release today and if you buy from the Wild Rose Press website (you can ebook version there) it's 50% off (8/18 until 8/20)

When the cameras turn off, that's when the action starts


Rising Hollywood star Michael Levin is up for a career-launching role, and his potential co-star seems to think she'll be next in his bed. He has no reason to stray. He has a sexy leading lady at home, Kelsey Pierce, who knows how to give him what he needs--her submission. But when the paparazzi insinuates the chemistry between Michael and his co-star is more than playing a role, Kelsey fears he'll walk out on her like her past actor boyfriends. Can Michael convince Kelsey he's the perfect leading man--and Dom--before it's too late?


“Hello, sweet Kelsey.” Michael’s husky voice swept over her skin like a lover’s caress.
“What’s up?” Kelsey smiled.
“Can’t I just call my lady love to talk?”
She paused. Lady love?

Don’t get to serious, Michael had warned when they first moved in together. He wasn’t ready for marriage, and she wasn’t, either.

“Yes, but that’s not who you are.” She took a deep breath. He’d rather talk and do things in person, not over the phone. Well, except last week when he was in Dom mode and didn’t have a choice.
“You know me too well.” He let out a chuckle. “Listen, Chris called me and wants me to come in this afternoon to run through another scene. So I’ll be late getting home tonight.”
“Okay.” Kelsey nibbled at her lower lip. She trusted Michael, but she didn’t trust that blonde bombshell.

“I’ll do my best to be home by seven. Don’t work too hard.” With that he hung up and Kelsey fought against calling him back for reassurance.

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Book Blast: Persuasion by Frances Stockton


They have lived for centuries. An ancient, secretive race of were-panthers faced with near extinction. To assure their survival they must conceal their identities and abilities, while protecting mankind from an unimaginable, primordial evil.

Persuasion: The Abcynians, Book I

As an Abcynian Elder, Garrick Forrester has survived wars, plagues, and arranged marriages. Nothing he’s experienced prepares him for the discovery of his mate living in his demesne, or for her resistance.
While aiding a child, Aisley Reeves is rescued by the Earl of Danford, whom a village healer should never dare approach without being summoned. At first, she is fascinated with the dark, mesmerizing lord who tempts her in a way no man has ever done. After he claims she’s to become his betrothed, she balks.
Already fearful her work and red hair might cause some to brand her as a witch, she believes it is best to keep her distance. When Aisley suffers a near mortal injury at the hands of his enemies, Garrick must gain her trust so that he can protect her. But can she trust her life to a man who is far more than…human?

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About The Author

frances stockton photo
My love for storytelling began in kindergarten when I created my first fictional characters. Though I’d given them simple nicknames, I’d convinced my family that Red Henry and Green Henry were identical twin brothers in my elementary school.
They were mischievous, rarely did their homework, had trouble with math and spelling, experienced heartbreaking losses, and yes, they even had girlfriends!
It wasn’t until the Henry twins mysteriously moved to a different state that my family realized that they were entirely fictitious and my mother suggested I write the stories down.
A few years later, I began to write, completing my first manuscript at age thirteen. I confess the heroine was a cross between Nancy Drew and a contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder, who happened to be dating one of the Hardy Boys. But when I’d written ‘the end’ on the very last page, I’d known I had more stories to tell. Of course life intervened, but whether I was in high school, becoming part of a local theater and dance company, working as a Veterinary Technician, earning a degree in History and Secondary Education, or teaching, I was always writing and reading romances.
Finally, I met and married the love of my life and moved from Maryland to Massachusetts in 2001. Shortly after, I proudly joined Romance Writers of America and the New England Chapter, and I’ve been writing faithfully ever since. I love to hear from readers, connect with me through FacebookTwitter or by email.
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Rescuing Miami by Elle Boon - Book Blast

Rescuing Miami

by Elle Boon

ALL HOPE IS GONE…Ando thought his life was over when his fiancée dies before they had ever had a chance to live the life they planned. After the devastation of her loss, he swears he will never risk his heart again.
HIS SAVING GRACE…Years later he finds a woman who makes him believe that life might be worth living again. In turn, Jules finds the one man who makes her feel things she never felt before.
CAN LOVE SURVIVE…When a cult targets Jules, will Ando finally realize that love is the most important thing in the world before it is too late?
GoodReads -



“You’re awfully quiet. Are you sure you’re okay?” Jules asked as the sign for the hospital came into view.
He nodded, taking a deep breath. “I’m fine, just thinking.” Turning to see how she was reacting to the situation, Ando decided to be honest with her, or at least marginally. “I lost my fiancée in a boating accident. She fell overboard, hitting her head. I held her while she…anyway, I don’t think this little scratch is going to do me in.” He touched the bandage, his fingers came away with a red stain.
“I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine losing someone you love like that.” She pressed trembling lips together.
Ando saw her eyes glitter with tears. Holy shit, this woman who didn’t know him or anything about his past was ready to cry for his loss. Without thinking he put his hand on her thigh. “It was a long time ago.” No longer did his heart squeeze at the words. No longer did he want to go back to the past and shake Melanie, demanding answers. No, only a sense of grief for the loss of life, hers and the child even though it wasn’t his, hit him.
Jules swallowed audibly. “I’m still sorry. Losing a loved one, no matter how long ago, hurts.”
He wondered who she’d lost and if it was a lover. His thoughts were cut off as she pulled into the ER entrance. “I can drop you at the doors and park, or park and we can go in together?” she asked.
Realizing his hand was still on her thigh, he pulled back. “Park and we’ll walk in together. I’m not an invalid even though I seem to be bleeding like a stuck pig.”
She laughed, easing the tension. “You really are, aren’t you?”
They found a spot in the front as another vehicle pulled out. “Eureka,” Jules said while they waited for the SUV to move. “This must be our lucky night.” She then looked at his bloody bandage, then grimaced. “Or not,” she corrected.
“Come on, woman, let’s get me stitched up so I don’t need to get a transfusion,” he joked, or at least hoped he wouldn’t need one. Hell, he honestly had no clue if he’d lost enough blood to need one.
“Nah, you won’t need one of those. It only seems like you’ve lost a shitton of the stuff.” She reached for the door handle. “You ready?”
“You bet. Let’s get this over with. I might need to hold your hand when they stitch me up.” He grinned.
Hopping down she met him in the front of the pickup, engaging the alarm with a press of the keyfob. “I highly doubt that, but I’ll stick by your side just in case you pass out.”
Ando couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk and joke with Jules, a woman he’d just met. Although it could be the knock to his head. However, he doubted that had anything to do with it.
The emergency room was bustling with activity. Jules seemed to know several of the workers and was immediately recognized. If they’d been in Miami, he’d have been whisked back to a private area in minutes. Now, he sat in a chair filling out paperwork while the woman who’d brought him in chatted with a man who looked old enough to be her damn uncle, or dad, and Ando didn’t like it one damn bit.
He finished the last of the paperwork, then got up to turn it into the nurse at the front. She glanced up, smiled then he was taken back to a small room marked triage made up of glass enclosures. Jules was still locked in a conversation with the older man and another had joined them. So much for her sticking next to him.
“Your blood pressure is a little high,” the nurse said making notes.
Taking a deep breath, he looked away from Jules and the spectacle she was making. He smiled at the middle-aged nurse wearing the red scrubs, thinking it was a truly poor choice in color choice. “Sorry, try it again. I was a bit nervous.” He steadied his breathing and thought of nothing in particular.
“Much better.” She made the correction, then led him into another room down the hall after getting all his vitals. “Alright, the ER Doc will be with you shortly. I’d offer you something to drink, but just in case you need surgery, which I don’t think you will, we can’t just yet.” She winked. “Now, if you need anything just press this here button. My name is Louise.” The woman left as quickly as she ushered him in.
He looked at the bed and the lone chair in the small cubicle they called a room, then decided the bed looked like the best option since he’d have to sit there when the doctor came in anyway. Pulling his cellphone out of his pocket, he decided to text his sister a pic of himself with the wound. If nothing else, she’d get a kick out of his predicament.
Gia’s immediate response brought a smile to his lips. Only a sister would tell her brother it was an improvement to his regular ugly mug, followed by a ‘how you doin’ meme.
He let her know he was fine, and would update on the number of stiches afterwards. Of course, she wants all the details, which he’d gloss over as best he could when he got home.
The sound of the curtain being pulled open had him looking up from his phone to find Jules there.
“Hey there,” Jules said.
Jules tried to paste on a happy appearance, but being waylaid by one of the officers who’d worked the night she’d saved Marietta brought her mood south. To top it off, she then had to deal with Sean, a guy she’d dated off and on, more off than on asking her about Ando and her. Jeez, couldn’t a girl catch a break from all the drama?
“Hey,” Ando said.
If artic glare could describe the way his dark eyes stared at her, then that was what he gave her.
“Sorry I left you earlier. That was one of the cops who was on duty on a case I was involved in. He was giving me an update on it.” She shut her mouth when he narrowed his eyes.
“I thought you were an EMT?”
In for a penny and all that she thought. “I am, but sometimes life brings you into situations out of your control. I was walking along the beach one night and stumbled upon a scene straight out of a nightmare. Suffice it to say, I inadvertently saved a young woman’s life.”
When Ando opened his mouth to ask more questions she was sure, the curtain was pulled back, saving her from having to answer and relive the horrifying night again.
“Good evening, Mr. Delgado. What do we have here?”
Jules stood to the side while a man in scrubs came in, his name tag said his name was Dr. Torres.
“Evening, Dr. Torres. I fell off the end of the boat dock and hit my head.” Ando indicated his head.
Dr. Torres went through some routine questions and tests, then pulled the bandage away. “Looks like someone cleaned you up pretty good,” he stated.
“Jules here is an EMT with Dallas Fire and Rescue.” Ando’s gaze landed on her.
If she didn’t know better she’d swear he sounded proud of her. “I cleaned it out and made sure there wasn’t any foreign bodies in the wound, then got him here as quickly as safety allowed.”
“You did a good job. Head wounds tend to bleed like a sieve. Let’s get you stitched up and out of here quickly, son.”
She met Ando’s eyes as Dr. Torres and the nurse set up the instruments needed. “You doing okay?”
Ando nodded. “Yeah, I can handle it. You gonna hold my hand?”
Her breath stalled in her throat. “Sure.” The word came out breathlessly.
“Alright, Suzy is going to clean it up a bit more just to make sure it’s one hundred percent clean. Not that I don’t trust your abilities, young lady, but we don’t want to have anything foreign inside there when we seal him up. I’d say you’ll have about five stitches.” Dr. Torres took off his gloves and made some notes while the nurse named Suzy came forward.
“This is definitely going to hurt a little.” Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, true regret rang through in her tone.
Ando held his hand out toward Jules. Without hesitation she took it, entwining their fingers. “I’ll hold still, just work quickly.”


Author Bio

Elle Boon lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband, two kids, and a black lab who is more like a small pony. She’d never planned to be a writer, but when life threw her a curve, she swerved with it, since she’s athletically challenged. She’s known for saying “Bless Your Heart” and dropping lots of F-bombs, but she loves where this new journey has taken her.
She writes what she loves to read, and that is romance, whether it’s erotic, Navy SEALs, or paranormal, as long as there is a happily ever after. Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more stories just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.
Connect with Elle online, she loves to hear from you:
Author Web & Social Media links:

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Guest Post: Sandra Masters - One Night with a Duke

Today I'm pleased to have Sandra Masters on my blog.  Welcome Sandra.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself
From a humble beginning in Newark, New Jersey, a short stay at a convent (what a hoot)  in Morristown, N.J. at the age of fourteen, Sandra Masters (that’s me) retired from a fantastic career for a play broadcasting company in Carlsbad, California.  I settled in the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park with my husband, Ron, and our dog, Sophie, trading in the Board Rooms of New York City for the Ballrooms of the Regency Era and never looked back.

I wrote my first book at the age of thirteen. Since then it’s been the journey of ten thousand miles with a few steps left to go. I happily left the corporate world behind decades later.
I used to read fairy tales, and now I write them and am an unapologetic story teller. Writing sexy, spicy, sensual Regency Romance fulfills my life. It escapes from the mundane.
Nothing I expected, but everything I desired. My business card lists my occupation as Living The Dream.
Fall in love with Romance all over again
with author Sandra Masters  (That’s Me)

What do you like the most and the least about writing?

Most: Freedom to write what I think with my belly on fire. Appreciation for my fans/readers/reviewers who say that my work spurs them to page turning.

Least: Self-editing and the waiting for final acceptance and a contract.

Give us a peek into your latest published work. 
ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE, Book Five, The Duke Series – Spicy, Sensual, Seduction with Swagger.
 (Seven years in the making. These characters begged me to see the light of a publishing day. After cropping 55,000 words, June 21, 2017, was that day.)

When a spirited woman disrupts the world of a duke who follows the rules, sparks fly, passions ignite and planets collide.

Reclusive, cold as ice, the politically powerful Raven, Duke of Ravensmere, denies love after the tragic deaths of his duchess and baby. He is bound by his vow never to allow love to enter his heart again. Samantha Winston permits him to seek refuge in her carriage in a time of need, and what started as a kiss in the name of safety, becomes something more pleasurable and not so safe after all. In spite of every caution, his interest escalates into unexpected desire.

Samantha, a young widow with a secret, irreverent and high-spirited, has constructed impenetrable walls against all men. When she and Raven meet again, strong wills clash. Political intrigues and a dreaded nemesis place his life at risk, and Samantha finds herself in a dire predicament. All the while, passion soars. 

Can Samantha’s barriers fall with more kisses?

Can Raven be released from his deathbed vow? 

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?

This novel is a daring departure from my normal genre, fantasy romance with a strong supernatural theme and an element of humor. No vampires, werewolves, fairies, etc. Just sexy characters determined to challenge each other who fall in love, physically and every other way imaginable.

How do you tempt a sinner?—You offer him a saint.

Dark, dangerous, brooding and in his own eyes unredeemable, Radolf, Duke of Tremayne, doesn’t fear death but welcomes it. Guilt-ridden because of his sinful past, the tormented hero of the Waterloo wars, honor-bound, believes he is undeserving of any woman’s love and closely guards his black heart.

Powerfully drawn to him, Jaclyn Moray, his ward, cannot deny his allure and the sizzling attraction that grows. Lured by his seductive pull, there are danger and passion in his embrace.

Villainous Lord Halifax sets about disparaging the duke to Jaclyn with lies and half-truths. Will he get his just reward for such treachery?

Can Jaclyn help Radolf conquer the internal demon who threatens their future and recognize that a higher supernatural power destines their love?

Can Radolf surrender to the supernatural power that speaks through the stained glass portrait of his red-wolf persona and the mighty archangel to continue the dynastic Legend of the Red Wolf?

Is there anything you want to tell readers?
Writing a novel is not easy. To some people, it comes easy, and to others it takes years. If you find an author you admire whose work sets you on fire, and whom you can relate, let her/him know. A few words or many will inspire that author to continue stretching and reaching for the stars. If you have a criticism, be kind. You don’t know how many rewrites it took to produce the words, nor the guidelines of the publishing company.

If you believe you are meant to write a novel, then study the craft and work hard until you accomplish your goal. It doesn’t happen overnight. Rule #1. Never give up. Rule #2. Remember Rule #1.


     “I do hope that none of the rakish kind will offer for my basket. Men do feel widows are fair game. I’m not sure how I would handle such rakes. I have insufficient experience, but I suppose I will have to learn.”
     “My dear Samantha, do you expect me to believe that in these past three years, you haven’t encountered disreputable men?” He laughed, “I do believe you will have a sufficient amount of reputable young men who will bid on you and your picnic basket. After all, it’s for a good cause, isn’t it?  But I do hope you will keep your conversation light, or you will suffer the young man to have indigestion or apoplexy.
     Impishly, she said, “I deserved that. I like your sense of humor. It’s also good to hear you laugh. We do battle well.”  Perhaps he could be a man of consequence?
     “Indeed, but I warn you, I have not started my retaliation. When one acquires an enemy, I don ‘t believe in keeping him or her closer; however, I might make an exception for you.”
     “Oh, No, I’m not your enemy, Your Grace. Please don’t consider me as one.”
     “Perhaps if you try hard, you can change my mind,” a small grin curled his lips.
     “What would I have to do?” her large eyes implored.
     “I leave that to your resourcefulness…and mine…under a starlit night with nothing but our naked imaginations.”
     “Sweet heaven,” she muttered, cheeks turned crimson.

You can find out more about Sandra at:

Buy links for One Night with a Duke:            Amazon US          Amazon UK             The Wild Rose Press   

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My Special Kind of Sexy by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme:  My Special Kind of Sexy

This is 7 paragraphs from His for the Weekend. These two have been dancing around their attraction to each other. My hero, Marcus has had enough. Time to challenge my heroine.

          “What are you willing to give me?” he asked. Her head snapped up and she gnawed on her lip. “Twenty-four hours,” she said.

          “Not enough. A hundred and twenty.” Her mouth opened then closed. Her gaze darted left, then right, before settling back on his face. He could almost see the wheels turning in her head. A good sign—she was willing to be his.

          “Too long. Forty-eight.” He stood and crossed over to her. He needed to be close to her as they negotiated. “Still not enough Ninety-six uninterrupted hours with you.”

          Her nose scrunched up and her lashes swept down, cutting off the view of her expressive eyes. “Sixty—six tonight until six Monday morning.”

          He noted the stubborn set to her chin. It wasn’t ideal, but he could do it. He would not fail in winning her over. Leaning close, he whispered, “I’ll take it.”

          She exhaled, lashes rising until she stared at him. “What are the ground rules?” she asked. “There are none,” he replied. Her eyes widened. Oh, yes, he had her now and he wasn’t letting go. “No barriers. No rules.”

          Her shoulders dipped, then straightened. She acted like she was preparing for a battle, but it would be a battle of sex. “All right, but when the sixty hours are done, we’re finished. I mean it. No flowers, no gifts, no mention of this weekend. Ever.”

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Sexy to the Rescue by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

My Sexy Saturday time. I really hope you are enjoying this snippets.

This week's theme:  Sexy to the Rescue

This is 7 paragraphs from Bound & Teased. Up until this point my heroine, Katie, has been very reluctant to depend on the two men in her life, but after someone vandalizes her car she call Ry, her lover and the town sheriff. Who of course runs to her side to help.

          “Are you okay?” he asked, his gaze sweeping her from head to toe. She wore a pair of jeans and a cute white blouse. She looked okay, and his breath eased in his chest.

          “Yes.” She wiped her hands down the front of her jeans. “You didn’t have to rush over here. I didn’t call you as the sheriff.”

          Her words hit him in the gut, and he grinned. “I’m glad you called, period.” He strode up to her and drew her into his arms. “As long as you’re okay.”

          “I’m fine. It’s nothing, really.”  He leaned back and stared down at her.  “Oh, all right.” She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed. Ry released her. “Gran made me call. I didn’t think I needed to, but...” She gestured to the driveway.

          Ry’s gaze followed the movement, and he swore softly. Her red, older model car had four flat tires, and someone had scratched the hell out of the paint job with a key or a knife. “When did you notice this?”

          “I didn’t.” She folded her arms over her chest. “Gran saw it when she started weeding the garden.”

          Ry strolled over to her car. Damn it was a mess. Whoever did this had to have done it under the cover of darkness. “Miss Mazie’s car?”

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On Sale: Red Club Temptation by Marie Tuhart

Until April 14th - Red Club Temptation .99 (ebook only)Click link or buy at your favorite online bookstore


She needs a dungeon master. He needs her secrets.  

Red Club owner Jessie Michaels isn't looking for love, just someone competent to monitor her dungeon in Lobster Cove's only BDSM club. But a new Dominant catches her eye and makes her tingle in all the right places. She's called away for business before she can catch his name, but not before that commanding voice tempts her for more.

Caleb Drake has returned to Lobster Cove to find out what makes the Red Club so successful only to discover the sexy redheaded sub he met the night before is actually his boss. He vows to keep business separate from pleasure, but the temptation to see if the iron-fisted club owner is truly submissive in the bedroom becomes too much.

But when Caleb's ulterior motive is revealed, will Jessie be ruled by business...or pleasure?


Time to find out if she was a Domme or sub. This time when their gazes met and held, he mouthed the word “Obey.” Her gaze dropped. He sucked in a breath. Damn, she was a submissive. And just what he needed. He couldn’t help himself as he strode across the room.

Caleb stopped when he was within touching distance, and her gaze never rose from the floor.  Excitement stirred in his spine for the first time in a long time.

“Hello,” he said.

 "Good evening, Sir.” Her voice was soft but calm, eyes still downcast.

He cupped her chin and tilted her head up. “Look at me, sweetheart, I want to see your eyes.”

Hazel eyes to go with beautiful red hair. He loved looking into the eyes of his subs, unless of  course he had them blindfolded, and then he would make them use other senses.

“Are you available?” He glanced at her wrist. No band. He’d been told anyone with a black band was off limits.

“Excuse me?” a male voice intruded.

Caleb’s gaze left her to see one of the dungeon masters standing next to them. “You’re needed in the other room, Red.”

Her spine stiffened, and she lifted her chin out of Caleb’s hold. “Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be right there.”

Ryan nodded and gave Caleb the once over before disappearing into the private club area.

“Sorry, but I have to go.”

“I understand, but first.” He cupped her cheeks and brushed a kiss across her soft lips. She leaned into him when he released her mouth. “I’ll be here if you want to play later.” He released her and stepped back.

Her fingers touched her lips and then she smiled. “I might take you up on that.” Then she strode away hips swaying.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Sexy Stud by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme:  My Sexy Stud

This is 7 paragraphs from a Red Club Temptation (on sale for .99 until 4/14). Caleb, the hero, was at the club the previous night scoping out the place, he saw Jessie.  Jessie saw him, but both were masked. While Caleb recognized Jessie, she didn't recognize him.  Now he's come for the job interview for dungeon monitor. Jessie has already been thinking about the stranger from last night. Wait until she realizes it her high school sweetheart.

          “Come on in.”

          “Thanks.” His husky voice sent a tremor up her spine.

          He wore dark slacks, a sports jacket with a white shirt beneath. When he moved, the material of his jacket shifted over his impressive shoulders and damn if his ass didn’t make her ache to touch it.

          Jessie shook her head. This was a job interview, but there was something in the way he walked that was so familiar to her. Enough. Maybe she needed to take a weekend and go to Boston and play in one of the clubs there. She shivered. Not a good idea.

After locking the door, she turned to him. “I’m Jessie. Come on back to the office.” She gestured to the small hallway.

          “After you.” He swept his arm out and grinned.

          His grin sent a zing of awareness straight to her clit. What was wrong with her? Her body was acting out of character, and she couldn’t stop it. She led him down the hallway. “Would you like some coffee?” She gestured toward the pot.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Release: We Love King Anthology #1

We Love Kink - Erotic Anthology #1


ONLY 99¢ !!

Sweet Tea and Handcuffs by Arlee Scott
Dan Everett has a his co-workers would never suspect.  In Savannah for a medical convention, he arranges an evening with the beautiful Mistress Belle-the Southern lady he has dreamed of all his life.  Will she be the one to fulfill all his fantasies?  Will she be the one to bring him to his knees?
A Few More Rules by Dorothy F. Shaw
Bethany knows immediately that Rig is the sort of man she could only dream of--strong, submissive and meant only for her. But is Rig strong enough to let her lead him to the place he was always meant to be?
Letting Go by Lacey Wolfe
The rules were simple and the night promised to be one to never forget. All Scarlett had to do was let her guard down and have a little fun.
Distracted by Ella Jade
Nightclub owner Avery Giles just signed his ticket to freedom... divorce papers. Swearing off women for a while sounds like a good idea until a beauty from his past changes everything. Faith Mitchell is determined to celebrate her college graduation with a night out. She's spent years studying, working, and focusing on the future but never doing anything adventurous, daring or memorable. When Faith reconnects with Avery, she realizes she's still attracted to her teenage crush. Will she lower her inhibitions? Is Faith the distraction Avery needs?
Sexy Surprise by Marie Tuhart
Eric Montgomery has had the hots for Marina Landers for over a year. Now they're thrown together as best man and maid of honor.
Close proximity to the sexy best man has left Marina Landers desperate for release, and when Eric offers her the opportunity to find out if the rumors about his domineering ways are true she jumps at the chance.
Once the fling is over, Marina plans to walk away, but Eric has other plans.
Behind Closed Doors by Cooper McKenzie
No one who knew Alaina Rowen would label her as a wild woman.  They didn't know that under her prim and proper clothes she wore silk thongs and lace thongs with push up half cup bras and body hugging silk corsets.  No one knew that behind closed doors Alaina was a slut who rarely wore clothes and liked to play with the variety of sex toys she'd collected.  That is until Gray Woolphe saw her from across the river and decided to answer her birthday wish for a man to replace her latest toy.
Kitten's Cotton Candy Clouds - Sidda Lee Rain
There's too many reasons why I shouldn't want her...
Yet, I do.
She make's me crave so many things I never knew I even wanted. And, not even the fact she's my best friends daughter will keep me from taking my Kitten home.
Mistaken I-Dom-nity - Lainey Reese
A case of mistaken identity has an average guy stepping into the role of a Dom. As he and his trusting sub fumble their way through the world of BDSM they discover a love that changes all the rules.

Buy Links:

Author Bios:
Arlee Scott - 
Arlee Scott writes erotic short stories, poetry and novels.  From a young age she was a voracious reader—according to her elementary school librarian, by the sixth grade she had managed to read every book in the school’s library.   Her great love for reading has transferred to a great love of writing.
Ms. Scott was born and raised in the mid-west and now resides in Florida.  She has been married for more than 36 years to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of two and “Grammy” of two.  When she is not writing, she enjoys cooking for friends and family.  She also enjoys travel and has had the opportunity to visit some of the most famous clothing-optional resorts in the world. 

Dorothy F. Shaw -
Dorothy F. Shaw lives in Arizona where the weather is hot and the sunsets are always beautiful. She spends her days in the corporate world and her nights with her Mac on her lap.
Between her ever-open heart, her bright red hair and her many colorful tattoos, she truly lives and loves in Technicolor!
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Lacey Wolfe
Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. Her goal as an author is to have a romance for everyone, whether it’s sweet, sensual, or spicy. She’s had several books on the Amazon best seller lists. When she isn’t writing, she can be found running, talking to her pets, spending time with her family, or lost in some sort of craft. She takes kindly to anyone who feeds her cookies.
Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their herd of cats, and one black lab who rules the house.

Ella Jade
Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can't be stopped.
Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two boys. When she's not chasing after her kids, she's busy creating sexy, domineering men and the strong women who know how to challenge them in and out of the bedroom.  She hopes you'll get lost in her words.
She loves connecting with readers. You can find her here…

Marie Tuhart
Marie Tuhart can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hands. When she isn't reading or writing, Marie loves to spend time in bookstores and traveling. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her toy poodle, Penny.
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Cooper McKenzie
Cooper McKenzie always thought she had been born a hundred years too late, though she appreciates air conditioning, computers, and other conveniences of modern-day life. She recently moved to central Texas with her mixed breed companion, Honey, the DivaDog.

Sidda Lee Rain
Known for her rebel attitude Sidda Lee Rain makes it clear she's here to stay and write the way she wants to --grammatical hot mess or not-- Her books aren't meant to change the world, her characters aren't meant to be perfect. But, trust they'll bring a smile to your face and you might want to have your drink on the rocks cuz you're gonna need to cool yourself down.
Truth is if you don't find her behind the keyboard you probably won't be able to see her at all. Because in all likelihood she'll either be decked out in full camo in a tree stand with her bow in hand or flying down a highway at speeds only flashing lights and sirens can stop... with karaoke hour in high gear!

Lainey Reese
Lainey lives in beautiful Marysville, Washington. She is a big animal lover so that means there’s dog hair on everything. She has one grown daughter and in February 2017 got engaged to the love of her life.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Sexy Gentleman by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme:  My Sexy Gentleman

This is 7 paragraphs from a short story releasing today in the We Love Kink Anthology.
          Eric turned his vehicle into Marina's driveway and switched off the engine. He slipped off his seatbelt and turned in his seat. His gut clenched. Marina was so beautiful.  He leaned over. "Marina," he said softly.

          "Humm," she murmured. He grinned. "Marina, sweetheart, you're home."

          "Yes, Eric, touch me. I want to feel your skin on mine." Her words went straight to his dick. He grew hard. "Wake up, Marina." He stroked his fingers down her cheek.

          "Don't want to. Nice dream about Eric. Go away."

          He couldn't prevent the small chuckle at her words. How often did she dream of him? And were her dreams as sexy as his about her? He leaned closer to her, his lips right next to her ear. "Come on sweetheart, you wake up and I'll make it worth your while."

          "Really?" She turned her head toward him. "But you never so much as show you're interested."

          Eric tilted his head. Her eyes were still closed, her breathing even. She was having a conversation with him in her sleep. He needed to wake her. Not because the conversation wasn't interesting, it was, but she'd be embarrassed to know she’d talked in her sleep.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blog Tour - Cardeno C


~Rough Edges
Kyle has an unwelcome crush on his nemesis Brent. Brent has a welcome crush on his friend Kyle. As it turns out, the line between a friend and an enemy doesn’t have to be a line at all.
Born on the wrong side of the tracks to the wrong family, Kyle Potter has spent his life clawing his way toward a better future. When he gets the perfect job at the perfect firm in perfect Los Angeles, Kyle is sure there are only blue skies ahead. And then he meets perfect Brent Haralson.
Born with a silver spoon to a well-established family, Brent Haralson has never been interested in leveraging his connections. Friends, success, and dates come easily to Brent and rejection isn’t something he has to deal with in life. And then he meets perfect Kyle Potter.
Kyle despises his unwelcome crush on his lazy, arrogant nemesis. Brent welcomes his feelings for his stubborn, brilliant friend. As it turns out, the line between a friend and an enemy doesn’t have to be a line at all.
This is a 2nd edition without substantive changes from the 1st edition, which was part of the It Was Always You anthology.
~Jumping In
When love's on the line, the brave jump in with both feet...
Small town cop Clint Rivera can’t catch a break. His ex of two weeks is suddenly getting married, his dogs tore up his furniture, he’s getting evicted, and he’s out of beer. When he decides to solve his alcohol shortage by going to his ex’s engagement party, Clint winds up too drunk to drive himself home. Enter gorgeous deputy mayor Hawk Black, the man who constantly shows up unexpectedly and sends Clint’s body and mind into a tailspin with nothing but his whiskey voice and blue eyes.
After months of patience, Hawk can finally seduce the man he’s been craving. Clint’s day might not have started out well, but Hawk’s going to make sure it ends with a bang, preferably in bed. He’ll show Clint some rewards are worth the risk.
With love on the line, Clint will need to decide if he can open his heart, tear down his shields, and jump in with both feet.
This is a 2nd edition without substantive changes from the 1st edition.


Cardeno C - Logo
Cardeno C. - CC to friends - is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few "awwws" into a reader's day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno's stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever- after sunset.
Cardeno's Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, and various reviewers. But even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, "You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day."