Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sexy and Strong by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday.

This week's theme:  Sexy and Strong

Katie from my book Bound & Teased fit this category at the end of the book. She's confronted by her father and ex, who were trying to scare her into coming back to New York, but now trying to blackmail her in front of the town. Since I only have 7 paragraphs I picked the one where she tells the town and her father of her love for her two special men.

Enjoy this week's My Sexy Saturday.

            “These two men standing here are anything but upstanding citizens. I don’t know about the state laws around here, but they are perverts. They are not normal. They prefer having sex together and share a woman.”

          “We’ve done nothing wrong,” Ry whispered in her ear.

          “Damn right.” Her head came up.

          “Katie?” the mayor looked at her, then to Ry and Jed.

          “Mayor.” Her voice was soft, hesitant. She glanced up at Jed and then Ry. She cleared her throat. “We’ve done nothing wrong, period. I love Ry McKade and Jed Malloy.”

          Jed jerked, and Ry did the same. She loved them? Why hadn’t she told them?

          “These two men make me happy, and if Felton’s Creek residents can’t understand and accept it, then it’s the town’s problem.”

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