Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sexy Saves the Day by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

It's that time again for My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme:  Sexy Saves the Day

This is 7 paragraphs from a my book Passionate Desire which releases July 1st from Trifecta Publishing.

"Here's the deal," Joe said, his tone menacing. But his arms were down and his hands loose at his side. "Let her go and I don't beat the shit out of you."

Vicki shivered. She'd never heard Joe's voice so cold. But sudden warmth filled her as well. He wouldn’t let Derek hurt her.

"You got an army with you?" Derek sneered, gesturing at the empty dock.

"Don't need one." Joe's strong voice kept her from falling completely apart. "You've got two seconds to let her go."

"Oh, like I'm scared. Isn't the new lover trying to play tough?"

"You don't want to find out how tough I am." Joe moved toward them.

Vicki squeezed her eyes shut against the pain radiating from her scalp when Derek tightened his hold. Then the pressure was gone, and a hand shoved her hard in the back and sent her flying. She opened her eyes to see Joe as he caught her, holding her against his body.

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Valerie Ullmer said...

Great excerpt!!

Siren X Star said...

Nice save!

Mine's up but I forgot to sign up on the linky, so I kept my post up anyways. :(

Liv Rancourt said...

Cool! Vicki is in good hands. :)

Lynn Crain said...

Nice snippet. Always love when the hero comes to the heroine's rescue. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!