Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Special Kind of Sexy by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme:  My Special Kind of Sexy

This is 7 paragraphs from His for the Weekend. These two have been dancing around their attraction to each other. My hero, Marcus has had enough. Time to challenge my heroine.

          “What are you willing to give me?” he asked. Her head snapped up and she gnawed on her lip. “Twenty-four hours,” she said.

          “Not enough. A hundred and twenty.” Her mouth opened then closed. Her gaze darted left, then right, before settling back on his face. He could almost see the wheels turning in her head. A good sign—she was willing to be his.

          “Too long. Forty-eight.” He stood and crossed over to her. He needed to be close to her as they negotiated. “Still not enough Ninety-six uninterrupted hours with you.”

          Her nose scrunched up and her lashes swept down, cutting off the view of her expressive eyes. “Sixty—six tonight until six Monday morning.”

          He noted the stubborn set to her chin. It wasn’t ideal, but he could do it. He would not fail in winning her over. Leaning close, he whispered, “I’ll take it.”

          She exhaled, lashes rising until she stared at him. “What are the ground rules?” she asked. “There are none,” he replied. Her eyes widened. Oh, yes, he had her now and he wasn’t letting go. “No barriers. No rules.”

          Her shoulders dipped, then straightened. She acted like she was preparing for a battle, but it would be a battle of sex. “All right, but when the sixty hours are done, we’re finished. I mean it. No flowers, no gifts, no mention of this weekend. Ever.”

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Angelica Dawson said...

An interesting arrangement. I wonder if that really will be the end of it.