Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Guest Post: Cairo Connection by Carol Henry

My guest today is Carol Henry talking about her book Cairo Connection

Tell us a little about yourself.

Carol Henry, is a #1 best-selling author who writes award-winning, 5-STAR reviewed Romantic Suspense Adventures (Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone), as well as American historical, holiday, and contemporary novels. A world traveler, Carol has written for several major cruise lines’ deluxe in-cabin books, and Porthole Cruise Magazine, but also takes great pleasure in weaving her own adventures with her ‘characters’ in her novels. Her ‘Connection’ series includes: Amazon Connection, Shanghai Connection, Rio Connection, and her latest Cairo Connection. Although her more contemporary novels, such as her Lobster Cove series (Juelle’s Legacy, Breakfast with Santa, and Nora’s Redemption), has a few snippets from her travels, as well. 

Carol teaches creative writing workshops, has been a speaker at various venues, is a member of Romance Writers of America®, and is a member of Published Authors Network. She is also a member and past president of RWA’s chapter STAR—Southern Tier Authors of Romance (NY), a member of Sisters in Crime, and is the president of her local Write Now Writers’ Group. Visit Carol’s website at www.carolhenry.org

What do like the most and the least about writing?

Getting the what I like ‘least about writing’ over with, it’s coming up with a blurb, writing the synopsis, and coming up with names to fit the characters.

As for what I like about writing? I’m a huge plotter, and although I like to work at figuring out my characters’ story line, I really enjoy the editing, where I can go in and work with something that is already done, and the meat of the matter is laid out for me. Then, I can change what my characters say to each other, what they’re really thinking, feeling, and how they should act accordingly, depending on the situation. I love searching for what I call ‘word choices’. As I’m writing, or re-reading (several times) I highlight words that need to be clearer, need to say what I really meant to say (or, my characters meant to say), and look for words that help with the pacing. I’m old school, so I prefer to print out my work, and with pencil in hand, sit down to enjoy the rewriting process.

Give us a peek into your latest published work? 

Megan Holloway is startled when Professor Jordan Kaine informs her she must travel with him to Cairo to collaborate on a proposed contract for the Egyptian Agricultural Ministry. Sole provider for her ill mother, Megan can’t leave her side. But Megan’s probationary period at Wild and Wonderful Corp is up in two weeks.  She can't afford to refuse the attractive Professor’s request and risk her job. Jordan Kaine, up for tenure, MUST win the Cairo contract. He doesn’t want his growing affections for Megan to jeopardize his career. But when a student who filed bogus sexual harassment charges against him shows up at the Cairo conference vying for the contract and him, chances of obtaining tenure becomes tenuous. With unexplained mishaps, smuggling rumors, and a dead body linked to his father’s dig in Luxor, will Jordan and Megan make their own Cairo connection?

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?

Just submitted my novella to The Wild Rose Press for their Deerbourne Inn Series entitled Ciara’s Homecoming Christmas. But I have a couple more Connection Novels waiting to be written. Right now the hard part is trying to figure out which country I want to use for my setting, although my final Connection book will be in France.

Is there anything you want to tell readers?

When writing my Connection novels, I always try to find something that is pertinent and currently happening in the country that I’ve visited, and incorporate it, and my experiences, into my characters’ adventures. I’m not a brave person (although many think I am), I always want to incorporate a scene that includes, at least for me, a hair-raising adventure. For example, I always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride but didn’t have the nerve. I’m not a fan of flying, even though planes get me where I want to go. So when I had the opportunity, and my husband twisted my arm, while we were in Egypt, I couldn’t resist ballooning over the Nile—in awe.  When I learned of the Ballooning accident that took place the year after we were there, I couldn’t resist including it in my Cairo Connection novel, although we did land safe and sound on the ground, unlike my character’s experience (see excerpt below).

I’ve hunted alligators in the back of beyond at midnight in Amazon Connection, wandered the mysterious hutongs in Shanghai Connection, and made my way up to Christ the Redeemer in Rio Connection. Again, thankfully, all my adventures were without incident, unlike my characters’.


Without warning, the drone flew directly into the ropes connecting the hot air balloon and the basket filled with passengers. The jarring impact sent everyone tumbling sideways in shock. Megan fell against Jordan. Jordan’s arms circled her protectively, catching her before she fell over the edge.

“What the hell!” Jordan exclaimed. The mid-sized drone’s spinnerets were cutting through the ropes at a frenzied pace. The basket rocked, and then tilted again. The man at the controls adjusted the flames shooting upward into the balloon—the basket took an immediate dive. The ropes caught fire, and were immediately thrown over the side of the basket as they descended. Two of the passengers clung precariously to the edge while others screamed, and hung on tight.

“Hang on,” Jordan ordered. “Sit on my lap and tuck your head against my chest. Keep your arms and legs inside.”

Megan didn’t question him; if there was half a chance she’d get out of this alive, it would be thanks to Jordan’s level-headedness.

The basket swayed, bobbed, and continued its rapid descent. Passengers were tossed about, screaming for their lives, while the couple clinging to the edge of the basket was flung overboard.  The drone sounded like a buzz saw as it continued to eat away at the burning ropes. 

Megan closed her eyes and sent up a silent prayer for the couple’s safety. She held her breath and clung to Jordan.  Holy Mary, Mother of God. They were about to plummet to their deaths.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Carol! You always come up with such great connections. I liked reading about your editing process, too. --Kitty!

carol henry said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kitty, and glad you like my 'connectins'. Good to hear from you.

Barbara Bettis said...

You had me at Egyptology and digs and..... This sounds like an amazing book. I look forward to reading it! P.S. Glad your ballooning adventure went well--mind ended a little---um---bouncily :)

Rebecca Lynn said...

Congrats On the connections, Carol! I look forward to reading more of your work. :)

carol henry said...

Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. Sorry your balloon adventure ended a bit bouncy. Although I enjoyed our ride, I'm not brave enough to try another one. Well, maybe.

Carol Ann Henry said...

Thanks for visiting, Rebecca. I hope you enjoy the connection.


Congratulations! Always nice to get to know you better.

Mary Morgan said...

Enjoyed the interview! I'm a plotter,too. I've always said that my travels were the muse for so many of my stories. Wishing you continued success, Carol.

Sadira Stone said...

See! I knew it--drones are not to be trusted. Sounds like an exciting story!

Carol Ann Henry said...

Thanks Jennifer, Mary, and Sadira for stopping by and leaving a comment. Writing Cairo Connection was fun to write, especially as I had a chance to add a lot of my own experiences.

Laurie Perry said...

love reading your Connection books! I travel vicariously through your stories. Can't wait for the next one!

Carol Ann Henry said...

Thanks for posting, Laurie. So glad you dropped by. My next Connection book is percolating.